for teachers

If you’re a teacher and you’re interested in the process we undergo to create (and recreate) READWRITEREDROOM, feel free to message jraws, our editor.

In the meantime, you may be interested in checking out this growing list of resources available on READWRITEREDROOM. Hopefully, student contributors to READWRITEREDROOM will also suggest their own resources they’d like their teachers to check out.

Stories of Excellence: Case Studies of Exemplary Blended and Fully Online Learning produced by the National Association of Independent Schools (link begins download of large .PDF file)

Will It Blend? Emergent Pedagogy & the Language Arts was a discussion jraws facilitated at the 2012 Pacific Northwest Association of Independent Schools Fall Educator’s Conference. In the above link, you will find my hand-out of ‘essential questions’ you should ask while experimenting with blended learning.

Flipped Learning in the Humanities was a discussion jraws took part in with interested science and humanities faculty at the University of Puget Sound. The preceding link will bring you to the short hand-out I prepared to complement my talk.

For relatively low-brow reading check out JR’s Growing List of Apps Educators Will Find Useful in the Classroom (and beyond!). Feel free to contribute any you know or find.

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