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GG Chapter 6 Harkness

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This passage is set near the end of Gatsby’s party when Daisy and Nick watch the movie director and his Star share an intimate moment. Nick reports Daisy’s reaction as offended and goes on to explain Daisy’s general disgust with West Egg.  Later Tom, Daisy, and Nick sit on his front steps waiting for the Buchanan’s car while observing the shadows of the party-goers still inside Gatsby’s house.

Gatsby’s been throwing these parties for years in hopes that Daisy might stumble in, and when she happens to make an appearance, he is displeased to find how uninterested Daisy is in them. This is one week after Gatsby and Daisy met.

We learned that the image of the movie director and his Star was not a direct metaphor for Gatsby and Daisy, it really was a movie director and his Star.  We also realized the image was a metaphor for Gatsby’s objectives throughout the novel (i.e. trying to win Daisy back). As the director got closer and closer to the star, that represented Gatsby getting closer and closer to winning Daisy.

Also,  we learned that the contrast between light and dark had something to do with the status of the relationships between characters. Examples being that Gatsby and Daisy were kissing in the dark, therefore wanting their relationship to be hidden, whereas the director and his Star were out in the open with their relationship, allowing it to be known.

Light and darkness also correlates to the degree of familiarity the characters have with the party guests.

“Sometimes a shadow moved against a dressing-room blind above, gave way to another shadow, an indefinite procession of shadows, that rouged and powdered in an invisible glass”( 107 Fitzgerald).

Additionally, the shadows represent the people because they are masking their original personality, blurring the lines between light and dark, real and artificial.

In the end, Daisy associates West Egg with the movie director and his Star’s kiss.

-“She saw something awful in the very simplicity she failed to understand”( 107 Fitzgerald).

– “But the rest offended her- and inarguably, because it wasn’t a gesture but an emotion” (107 Fitzgerald).

She failed to understand public displays of affection as her own relationships are void of that characteristic.

To summarize, this passage focuses on the presence and absence of certain characteristics through the use of light and darkness.

– Christy, Pin, Preeti, & Tori