Team Tapir Awesome Reflection

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Part B. Summary of ideas derived from the activity and discussion

From our activity, we discovered that everyone reacts differently to death in a somewhat predictable way. The reaction depends on the person’s personality, their relationship to the victim, and how old they are. In the activity, we went over the various variables in someone’s reaction and how that reaction may look.

From our discussion, we discovered that it was somewhat easy to predict how a character would react to the death of Santiago Nasar. For example, due to her close relationship to Santiago, Maria Cervantes had a reaction close to that of immense sorrow.


Part C. Description of the obstacles and solutions to your group’s success

One of the obstacle in our group was that due to several reasons, group members were sometimes not present, which kind of makes it hard to keep everyone on pace. However, our group members were responsible in completing tasks and tried to help other members with what they had missed. We were an efficient group. Although members were missing, we all took responsibility in finishing our own task. Then, we worked on google docs to make sure that we communicated and understood our goals. I was really happy that I could be part of the group because everyone not only completed their tasks but also helped one another to catch up what they missed.

Also, because we knew that our group members would be missing, we worked really efficiently and did not practice a lot of maintenance. However, we still had a great experience working with one another. Our group was more of a working group, we defined our goals and then completed our tasks. That said, we mostly finished the project separately and then combined each other’s. We did this by working on a Prezi separately and recording together. We did not have much group talking but we still had an understanding of what others were doing. Thus, we really enjoyed the working experience. There was no disagreements in the group that were brought forward, and we all worked together very well.

From these so-called ‘obstacles’ I think we can all come to a consensus that we seemed to work individually and come together when it was necessary. It definitely takes a certain personality for this kind of group work to be completed and fortunately all of us seemed to have this kind of trait. We learned to work efficiently and get our tasks done in a timely manner that would benefit the entire group even when we were working on our own. We worked very well together and it was quite evident when we completed our project early!

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