Group A, Period 3 – Group Reflection: Margaux, Soobin, Kendra, Heidi, Addy

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Summary of ideas:

In this presentation and discussion Margaux, Kendra, Soobin, Addy, and Heidi discussed historical violence in Colombia from 1899-1958 and its effect on Gabriel Garcia Marquez as an author. We started by introducing three distinct acts of violence seen in Colombia. These were The Banana Massacre, The Violence, and the 1000 Days’ War. Each of these molded Marquez and fueled his creation of Chronicle of a Death Foretold. Each experience was unique in its own way. For example, Marquez’s experience of the 1000 Days’ War was through the stories of his grandfather. In contrast, he actually experienced the other two in his lifetime.

With the introduction of each new act of violence, we introduced some background information that would later be relevant in our discussion. It was important that we expressed just how violent Columbia’s history was. In order for our group project to go well, it was vital that the other girls in the class knew exactly how many lives were taken. Background information was essential

As a group we recorded our voices with garageband. We recorded person by person so that if there were any mistakes we wouldn’t have a problem cutting the voices and taking out the mistake. This was later beneficial when we realized that we only had dialogue that only took up 4 minutes. After we had 8 minutes of recording, we transferred the garageband into a mp3 file and uploaded it to iMovie. Through iMovie we combined the recordings and pictures to create our final project.

Problems and overcoming them:

In our group, one of the problems that we had were that we had too many absences from different people. This was problematic because if we would have had everyone there all the time then it would have been better to work together as a group and everyone would have known what was going on. We overcame this problem by emailing people updates on the days that they were gone and so they could come to the next class prepared and up to date.

Another problem that we came across was determining a topic and sticking to it. At first we were sure that we wanted to work on violence, and then we maybe wanted to focus more on the accuracy of the description of the town. We spent about two class periods deciding which one that we wanted to use. So not only did it take up time that we could have used more effectively, but we also ended up deciding on violence anyways. But once we came to that conclusion then we stuck to it.

Another problem that we encountered was when we first recorded and it was only 4 minutes long instead of 8. So it fix this problem we added new material that we hadn’t covered before which practically doubled the script length. We had to do slightly more research but it only added to the content of our video, hopefully enhancing the viewers knowledge and understanding.

By: Soobin, Margaux, Heidi, Kendra, and Addy


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